Easter Seals LogoProviding Services for People with Disabilities & Their Families

Children and adults with disabilities and special needs find high-quality services designed to meet their individual needs when they come to Easter Seals. Teams of therapists, teachers and other professionals help each person overcome obstacles to independence and reach his or her personal goals. Easter Seals also includes families as active members of any therapy program, and offers the support families need. Easter Seals offers these services throughout the Greater Washington-Baltimore Region.

The Easter Seals Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Inter-Generational Center is a high-quality, cost effective, national and regional model that unites services for children, adults, and their families under one roof creating meaningful connections between generations and people with and without disabilities. 

The Inter-Generational Center incorporates the following services:
- Early Education & Child Development Center
- Adult & Senior Social/Medical Day Program
- Assistive Technology & Therapy Center
- Family Caregiver Resource Center
- Respite Services Program
- Military Family Respite Program
- Education & Training Center
- Military & Veterans' Services

Adult Day Services
Extending Easter Seals medical rehabilitation expertise, Easter Seals Adult Day Services meet daytime needs of adults with disabilities and older adults while promoting their dignity and independence. Easter Seals partners with families to ensure that high standards of care are continued. Licensed occupational, physical and speech/language therapists deliver services in a familiar environment where it means the most.

Child Development Centers
Meeting a growing need for high-quality child care for more than 20 million young children and their working parents, Easter Seals offers child care for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. Young children are welcomed to a unique environment where children of all abilities learn together.

Home and Community Therapy
Individualized occupational, physical, cognitive, and speech/language therapy services are provided for children and adults who attend our centers.  In addition, therapy in individual’s homes, in schools and other day care facilities is available for individuals of all ages.

Easter Seals provides cutting edge therapy services to people with disabilities in their natural environments such as their homes, schools or workplace. Licensed occupational, physical and speech/language therapists deliver services in a familiar environment “where it means the most.” 

Respite Services Program
Easter Seals’ Respite Services Program aids families who are caring for children with disabilities and/or special needs. The program pairs children with volunteers to give parents a break from caregiving duti es to enable them to focus on other responsibilities, while preventi ng burnout and other domestic risks.  Meanwhile, their children enjoy a day of social recreation and play therapy.

Military Family Respite Program
The Respite Services Program also off ers services to military families who have at least one child diagnosed with highly-specialized medical or educati onal needs. The program places highly-trained respite providers in the families’ homes to provide up to 40 hours of respite care per month.

Family Caregiver Resource Center
Easter Seals believes that serving people with disabilities cannot be fully achieved without supporting their family caregivers. Family caregivers, not social service agencies, nursing homes or government programs are the mainstay underpinning long-term care for older persons and people with disabilities in the United States.

Military & Veterans' Services
Returning home from military service after experiencing combat and adjusting to life -- especially life with an injury or a disability -- can be a complex, bewildering and extended process. The crisis facing the nation in meeting the physical and mental health needs of the 1.8 million members of the Armed Forces who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan is overwhelming and continues to grow. Thousands of injured military service members are returning home hoping to successfully transition to civilian life. Many communities are not equipped to respond appropriately to their unique needs, nor are they aware of how to best work with military and veterans systems in the process. Easter Seals' Military and Veterans Initiative responds to this call for action.