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Why am I walking?

I am excited to participate in Easterseals Walk With Me because I want to spread hope and raise funds to help individuals and families living with disabilities.

Easterseals provides life-changing services that help people of all ages live better lives. For example, they help young children learn to walk and talk and get ready for school. They provide job training for adults, and support for families taking care of loved ones with disabilities. And, they assist older adults in learning skills to help them live as independently as possible as they grow older.

But the demand for their services is increasing, as more children and adults and their families need Easterseals help every day.

Why I need your support

I'm committed to making a positive difference and I know how important Easterseals is to our entire community. But I can't do it alone. 

Please make a donation and help me reach my fundraising goal! 

It's a step we can take together to provide much needed support to children and adults living with disabilities.

I trust Easterseals as a fiscally-responsible organization because every dollar we raise benefits local Easterseals clients right here in the community.

My Progress

Suzanne Worrall
I've Raised:
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167 percent of goal achieved.

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My Donors

  1. Suzanne Worrall - $250.00

Event Links

Walk With Me Delmarva 2017
I've Raised:
Make a gift!
128 percent of goal achieved.
Top Teams
  1. Keeping Up With Kenzie - $3,336.00
  2. Wawa - $3,037.00
  3. Plantation Lakes Pacers - $2,655.00
  4. The B Ros Crew - $2,006.83
  5. JUDS - $1,285.00
  6. Team Points! - $1,210.00
  7. Windy Indy Walkers - $620.00
  8. Beta Sigma Phi - $600.00
  9. Seaside Working Bees - $471.20
  10. First Place for Health - $455.00
Top Walkers
  1. Laura Scharle - $1,100.00
  2. Cheryl McAroy - $950.00
  3. Jackie Moler - $490.00
  4. Teresa Salinardo - $355.00
  5. Linda Antisavage - $290.00
  6. Kenzie Pickett - $275.00
  7. Suzanne Worrall - $250.00
  8. Bryson Rosner - $250.00
  9. Danell Ziev - $220.00
  10. Stevie Tull - $210.00

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