Walk With Me Delmarva 2017

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Team up for Easterseals!  

Join a Walk With Me team or create a team of your own. With every step you take together, you’ll share the experience of making a positive difference in the lives of children and adults with disabilities.

Inspire your team to aim high! We provide team captains with resources to help them motivate team members with tips on recruiting friends and raising funds.

To join an existing team, click the team name below.

Remember, every dollar you and your team raises will help to provide services and support to families living with disabilities right here in the community.  Contact Linda Forte at 302-253-1121 or lforte@esdel.org an approved list of fundraiser ideas!




Teams registered for Walk With Me Delmarva 2017

"Salisbury Sweets" 

Captain: Alesia Griffith

1 team member  


Captain: team captain

1 team member  

Beta Sigma Phi 

Captain: Jane Dudine

4 team members  

Century 21 

Captain: team captain

1 team member  

Christiana Care Visiting Nurses Association 

Captain: Carol Smith

11 team members  

CVS Beach Team 

Captain: Lynne Whitworth

1 team member  

CVS Health 

Captain: team captain

1 team member  

Delmarva Walkie Talkies 

Captain: Milt Warren

6 team members  

East Coast Garden Center 

Captain: Valery Cordrey

1 team member  

First Place for Health 

Captain: Katie Megee

7 team members  

Forte Sole Mates 

Captain: Cait Forte

6 team members  

Fowler Famiily 

Captain: Kyle Fowler

3 team members  


Captain: Jacque Givens

2 team members  


Captain: Sadie Jones

9 team members  

Keeping Up With Kenzie 

Captain: Kenzie Pickett

27 team members  

Long Neck Amvets Post 22 

Captain: Bob Shiles

7 team members  


Captain: team captain

1 team member  

Nickle Electrical Companies 

No Team Captain

1 team member  

Plantation Lakes Pacers 

Captain: Teresa Salinardo

27 team members  

Rebecca's Rough Riders 

Captain: Ella Mae Weaver

5 team members  


No Team Captain

3 team members  

Seaside Working Bees 

Captain: Kim Sgromo

1 team member  

Squirrel Strutters 

Captain: Missy Baker

1 team member  

Stevie's Daredevils 

Captain: Stevie Tull

3 team members  

Sussex Eye Center 

Captain: Jessica Lewis

9 team members  

Team Delbert 

Captain: Marc Kidwell

9 team members  

Team Points! 

Captain: Laura Scharle

6 team members  

Team Tidemark 

Captain: Shelley Wetzel

20 team members  

The B Ros Crew 

Captain: Bryson Rosner

13 team members  

The Brain Love Team 

Captain: Lauren Haggerty

2 team members  

The Ogden Family 

Captain: David Ogden

2 team members  


Captain: Cheryl McAroy

28 team members  

Windy Indy Walkers 

Captain: Linda Antisavage

10 team members  

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Walk With Me Delmarva 2017
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128 percent of goal achieved.
Top Teams
  1. Keeping Up With Kenzie - $3,336.00
  2. Wawa - $3,037.00
  3. Plantation Lakes Pacers - $2,630.00
  4. The B Ros Crew - $2,006.83
  5. JUDS - $1,285.00
  6. Team Points! - $1,210.00
  7. Windy Indy Walkers - $620.00
  8. Beta Sigma Phi - $600.00
  9. Seaside Working Bees - $471.20
  10. First Place for Health - $455.00
Top Walkers
  1. Laura Scharle - $1,100.00
  2. Cheryl McAroy - $950.00
  3. Jackie Moler - $490.00
  4. Teresa Salinardo - $355.00
  5. Linda Antisavage - $290.00
  6. Kenzie Pickett - $275.00
  7. Suzanne Worrall - $250.00
  8. Bryson Rosner - $250.00
  9. Danell Ziev - $220.00
  10. Stevie Tull - $210.00

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