Walk With Me Daytona 2017

Walk With Me Daytona 2017

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Why Are We Walking?
Easterseals Walk With Me is an opportunity for anyone and everyone to make a difference in the lives of children and adults with disabilities in our community.
By walking—or supporting a walker in their fund-raising efforts—funds are raised that allow Easterseals to provide services that help people learn to walk, talk and perform other skills essential to daily living; find fulfilling jobs; reach individualized goals early in life; age with dignity; and participate in camping and recreation programs.

Why We Need Your Support 
We're committed to making a difference. Every dollar we raise benefits Easterseals clients. Please give what you can!

Security First Insurance Company Roster

Security First Insurance Company Raised
Starr Ford
Nicole Barone
Bill Blind
Karen Blind
Hunter Bradley
Karen Bradley $0.00
Kenneth Bradley $0.00
Max Bradley
Marilyn Brady
Juan Brandariz
Lilliana Brandariz
Donny Brey $0.00
Andrew Browne
Ethan Browne
Sheree Browne
Aiden Butters
Katelyn Butters
Nicholas Butters
Jordan Calder
Ronnie Carson $0.00
Lailoni Cesal
Shannon Cesal
Talin Cesal
Kirsten Copeland
Sam Copeland
Samantha Copeland
Trish Copeland
Melissa DeVriese $1,643.00
Alyssa Edgar
Vanessa Elliott
Ernesto Fernandez
Jemma Ford
JD French
Leslie Garrison
Vickie Goney
Charles Grimsley
Cayden Haines
Kristie Haines $0.00
Ryah Haines
Travis Haines $0.00
Amanda Haren
Cara Haren
Don Haren
Kathryn Haren
Amyah Hernandez
Pierre Hernandez
Sergio Hernandez
Tina Hernandez
Kimberly Hyatt
Michele Janowsky
Andrew Kerek
Bill Kerek
Theresa Kerek
Megan Mahoney
Mashalia Malone
Jennifer Martinez $0.00
John Martyn
Sherri Martyn
Sandy McNary $0.00
Jackie Michaels
Karen Minnick
John Morrison
Samuel Morrison
Desiree Mundt
Jayden Mundt
Justin Mundt
Olivia Mundt
Evan Peters
Casey Punch
Jamie Punch
Jamilet Quinones $0.00
Ricardo Quinones $0.00
Amanda Reid
Daniel Rivera $0.00
Danieliese Rivera $0.00
Estelle Roberson
Lyla Roberson
Sang Roberson $0.00
Ethan Sanitate
Frankie Sanitate
Gabrielle Sanitate
Jasail Sanitate
Marie Sanitate
Nicholas Sanitate
Nick Sanitate
Christopher Scully
Mackenzie Scully
Teegan Scully
Wendy Scully
Jenny Semmens
Ricky Semmens
Jennifer Shaffer
Madelyn Shaffer
Melanie Shaffer
Janet Silverman $25.00
Nicole Speers
John Sturla
DaVaughn Wallace
Kaiya Wallace
Kenneth Wasiewicz
Landon Williams
Lilly Williams
Franchelle Winder
Team Gifts $5,000.00
Denotes a Team Captain

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Walk With Me Daytona 2017
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97 percent of goal achieved.
Top Teams
  1. Security First Insurance Company - $6,918.00
  2. Hayward Brown - $6,410.00
  3. Radiology Associates Imaging Centers - $5,150.00
  4. Microflex Automotive - $5,000.00
  5. Cobb Cole - $2,800.00
  6. Morgan Stanley - $2,735.00
  7. Halifax Health - $2,553.00
  8. Brown & Brown - $2,520.00
  9. Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center - $2,500.00
  10. FPL - $2,500.00
Top Walkers
  1. Richard Brown - $6,260.00
  2. Melissa DeVriese - $1,643.00
  3. Lauren Burkhalter - $1,500.00
  4. Randy Rutland-Brown - $1,325.00
  5. Lynn Sinnott - $750.00
  6. Clint Lee - $570.00
  7. Donna Oldham - $525.00
  8. Erik Chance - $505.00
  9. Jim Barocas - $500.00
  10. Myron Fottler - $500.00

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