Walk With Me Daytona 2018

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New Orleans Century 21 Group

Team up for Easterseals!

Join a Walk With Me team or create a team of your own. With every step you take together, you’ll share the experience of making a positive difference in the lives of children and adults with disabilities.

Inspire your team to aim high! We provide team captains with resources to help them motivate team members with tips on recruiting friends and raising funds.

To join an existing team, click the team name below.

Remember, every dollar you and your team raises will help to provide services and support to families living with disabilities right here in our local community.


Teams registered for Walk With Me Daytona 2018

"Diamonds in the Rough" 

Captain: Sheryl Cook

17 team members  

Avery's Team 

Captain: Adrienne Bishop

7 team members  

AWV Angels With Voices 

Captain: Kianiss Davis

8 team members  

Bev's Little Sole Survivors 

Captain: Bev Johnson

11 team members  

Birnie Clan 

Captain: Eric Birnie

13 team members  

Brooks Rehabilitation 

Captain: Emily Zill

3 team members  

Brown & Brown 

No Team Captain

9 team members  

Calvary Kids 

Captain: Jennifer woods

26 team members  

Century 21 Sundance Realty 

Captain: Nancy-Ellen Otte

24 team members  

Chesley's Friends, Family & FINANCE 

Captain: Melissa Chesley

12 team members  

Cobb Cole 

Captain: Kelly Parsons Kwiatek

4 team members  

Compu Systems, Inc. 

Captain: Tyler Okhovatian

4 team members  

ELCFV's Coalition For A Cause 

Captain: Carrie Reisinger

20 team members  

Flagler County Sheriff's Office 


12 team members  

Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center 

Captain: Stephanie Mellenberndt

10 team members  

Gavin's Team 

No Team Captain

3 team members  

Henry's Hoofers 

Captain: Constance Yuschok

4 team members  

Leon the Lions 

Captain: Susan Johnson

3 team members  

Lindley Family & Friends 

Captain: Diana Lindley

5 team members  


Captain: Tammy Borden

23 team members  

Mack Truck 

Captain: Barry Mack

5 team members  

Moors in Motion 

Captain: Susan Moor

5 team members  

Morgan Stanley 

No Team Captain

2 team members  

No More Crises 

Captain: Erika Winn

13 team members  

Olivari & Associates 

No Team Captain

17 team members  

Ormond Beach Dermatology Aesthetics Center 

No Team Captain

8 team members  

Our Lady of Lourdes 

Captain: Nelson Matthew

5 team members  

Quinn's Court 

Captain: alison duncan

17 team members  

Rangers of Motion 

Captain: Debbie Fox

24 team members  

Security First Insurance Company 

Captain: Starr Ford

94 team members  

Serenity's Team 

Captain: Stella Cue

2 team members  

St. Peter the Fisherman Episcopal Church 

Captain: Father Jim Spencer

5 team members  

SunGate Walks for Camp Challenge 

Captain: Jodi Laux

1 team member  

Team Buzz 

Captain: Noelle Bee

1 team member  

Team Hailey 

Captain: Hailey Remigio

1 team member  

Team Harry 

Captain: Amanda Cortright

13 team members  

Team Jayden & Jordan 

Captain: Jasmine Harper

2 team members  

Team Rory 

Captain: Kyla Acuff

8 team members  

Team rylan 

Captain: Rebecca Shelton

6 team members  

The Mike Curb Institute at B-CU 

Captain: Pamela Browne

1 team member  

Thompson Pump 

Captain: Karrin Scott

4 team members  


Captain: Staci Tramont

1 team member  

VyStar Credit Union 

Captain: LaQuetta McGill

7 team members  


Captain: Amanda Yager

1 team member  

Walk With Me Early Steps 

Captain: Staci Page

14 team members  

Walter's Superheroes 

Captain: Renee Stewart

2 team members  

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Walk With Me Daytona 2018
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87 percent of goal achieved.
Top Teams
  1. Security First Insurance Company - $5,290.00
  2. Henry's Hoofers - $5,250.00
  3. Compu Systems, Inc. - $5,000.00
  4. Cobb Cole - $3,000.00
  5. "Diamonds in the Rough" - $2,635.00
  6. Brown & Brown - $2,500.00
  7. Bev's Little Sole Survivors - $1,485.00
  8. Team Harry - $1,205.00
  9. Our Lady of Lourdes - $1,170.00
  10. Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center - $1,130.00
Top Walkers
  1. RANDY RUTLAND-bROWN - $1,206.00
  2. Bev Johnson - $1,200.00
  3. Sheryl Cook - $1,000.00
  4. Noelle Bee - $500.00
  5. Kate Sevigny - $500.00
  6. Susan Moor - $425.00
  7. Kyla Acuff - $400.00
  8. Chad Chesley - $400.00
  9. Mark Moor - $360.00
  10. Amanda Cortright - $330.00

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