Walk With Me Daytona 2017

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New Orleans Century 21 Group

Team up for Easter Seals!

Join a Walk With Me team or create a team of your own. With every step you take together, you’ll share the experience of making a positive difference in the lives of children and adults with disabilities.

Inspire your team to aim high! We provide team captains with resources to help them motivate team members with tips on recruiting friends and raising funds.

To join an existing team, click the team name below.

Remember, every dollar you and your team raises will help to provide services and support to families living with disabilities right here in the community


Teams registered for Walk With Me Daytona 2017

"Diamonds in the Rough" 

Captain: Sheryl Cook

13 team members  

Aiden Hadley's Team 

Captain: Tammy Hadley

9 team members  

Bomar Construction 

Captain: Len Marinaccio

2 team members  

Boys & Girls Club 

Captain: Althea Chavers

1 team member  

Brain Balance Lake Mary 

Captain: Brain Balance Lake Mary

1 team member  

Brown & Brown 

Captain: Austin Brownlee

12 team members  

CallCore Media 

Captain: Clint Lee

62 team members  

Calvary Christian Center 

Captain: Taylor Worden

1 team member  

Calvary Kids 

Captain: Jennifer Woods

26 team members  

Century 21 Sundance Realty 

Captain: Nancy-Ellen Otte

16 team members  

Cobb Cole 

Captain: Kelly Kwiatek

16 team members  

Crazy Eights 

Captain: Beverly Brown

1 team member  

CVS Health 

Captain: team captain

1 team member  

Deaf Advocacy 

Captain: Kenneth Black

4 team members  

Five Alive 

Captain: Hannah Warner

1 team member  

Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center 

No Team Captain

1 team member  


Captain: Vickie Henson

1 team member  

Friends of Fergie! 

Captain: Emily Townsend

13 team members  

Gavin's Team 

Captain: Stephanie Senkovich

5 team members  

Girl Scout Troop 7240 

Captain: Star Legere

1 team member  

Halifax Health 

Captain: Kathryn Nagib

22 team members  

Happy Feet 

Captain: Lorena Carr

20 team members  

Hayward Brown 

Captain: Jerrie Faircloth

4 team members  


Captain: Belinda Helmbrecht

4 team members  

James Moore & Co 

Captain: Justyna Mueller

8 team members  

JD Blass Commercial Capital 

Captain: Jeff Blass

1 team member  

Kascel Therapy 

Captain: Kasandra Baker

10 team members  

Keiser OTA Students 

Captain: Jeannette Miller

4 team members  

King Kevin! 

No Team Captain

3 team members  

Knights of Columbus Council 8086 

Captain: Tony Manzolillo

1 team member  

Landorf Family 

Captain: Duke Landorf

13 team members  

Legit Six 

Captain: Cynthia Sims

1 team member  

Lindley Family & Friends 

Captain: Diana Lindley

10 team members  

LPGA Tour 

Captain: Tammy Borden

24 team members  

Mass Mutual Financial Design Associates 

Captain: Grace Staten

1 team member  

Microflex Automotive 

Captain: John Atanasoski

3 team members  

Mikayla's Miracle 

Captain: Christiana Buffington

21 team members  

Moors in Motion 

Captain: Susan Moor

4 team members  

Morgan Stanley 

Captain: Lauren Burkhalter

2 team members  

Olivari & Associates 

Captain: John Olivari

12 team members  

Ormond Beach Dermatology Aesthetics Center 

Captain: Gina Sevigny

18 team members  

Oscar's Angels 

Captain: Susan Zorn

4 team members  


Captain: Erik Chance

16 team members  

Penguin nick 

Captain: Denise Mwinyi

1 team member  

Pre K4 the Explorers 

Captain: Kesha Hicks

1 team member  


Captain: Tim Neal

5 team members  

Radiology Associates Imaging Centers 

Captain: Steve Sevigny

11 team members  

Riverbend Academy 

Captain: Paige Nielsen

4 team members  

Rumblers pre k3 

Captain: Eudel Triumph

1 team member  

Security First Insurance Company 

Captain: Starr Ford

103 team members  

Seventh Heaven 

Captain: Nasheedah King

1 team member  

Shannon's Supporters 

Captain: Lynn Sinnott

8 team members  

Steps with Avery 

Captain: Adrienne Bishop

47 team members  

Team CJ Smith 

Captain: Yashanda Skinner

7 team members  

Team Hailey 

Captain: Hailey Remigio

4 team members  

Team Isaac 

Captain: Angela Miller

1 team member  

Team Jacob 

Captain: Ray Thomas

1 team member  

Team Jayden and Jordan 

Captain: Jasmine Harper

17 team members  

Team Jonathan 

Captain: Paul Barnett

12 team members  

Team Morgan! 

Captain: Keisha Leak

2 team members  

Team Nathan 

Captain: Jerry Santwire

3 team members  

Team rylan 

Captain: Rebecca Shelton

11 team members  

Team Shannon and Steve 

Captain: Debbie Neller

22 team members  

Team Thomas! 

Captain: Edna Allen

8 team members  

Terrific Two's 

Captain: Kianiss Davis

1 team member  

The Children's Academy on the Halifax 

Captain: Alicia Caputo

13 team members  

The DeVanes 

Captain: Emily DeVane

10 team members  

The Mike Curb Institute at B-CU 

Captain: Pamela Browne

5 team members  

Tiny Tods 

Captain: Trinity Zanghi

1 team member  

Trinity United Methodist Youth 

Captain: Lori Hansard

1 team member  

Two Squared 

Captain: Jaslyn Clemmons

1 team member  

Volusia Council for Exceptional Children 

Captain: Bianca Stidham

4 team members  



3 team members  

Walking at Our Own Pace 

Captain: Chele Wallens

5 team members  

WyoTech Kickstands and Motorboats 

Captain: Stephanie Gonter

25 team members  

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Walk With Me Daytona 2017
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97 percent of goal achieved.
Top Teams
  1. Security First Insurance Company - $6,918.00
  2. Hayward Brown - $6,410.00
  3. Radiology Associates Imaging Centers - $5,150.00
  4. Microflex Automotive - $5,000.00
  5. Cobb Cole - $2,800.00
  6. Morgan Stanley - $2,735.00
  7. Halifax Health - $2,553.00
  8. Brown & Brown - $2,520.00
  9. Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center - $2,500.00
  10. FPL - $2,500.00
Top Walkers
  1. Richard Brown - $6,260.00
  2. Melissa DeVriese - $1,643.00
  3. Lauren Burkhalter - $1,500.00
  4. Randy Rutland-Brown - $1,325.00
  5. Lynn Sinnott - $750.00
  6. Clint Lee - $570.00
  7. Donna Oldham - $525.00
  8. Erik Chance - $505.00
  9. Jim Barocas - $500.00
  10. Myron Fottler - $500.00

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