This year's event is on March 2 - 4, 2018

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My Progress

54 percent of goal achieved.

Goal: $2,500.00
I've Raised:  $1,350.00

Why am I participating in the 2018 Easterseals/CAI Volleyball Challenge?

Besides the fact that I was chosen to be the 2018 Ambassador, I am participating because I want to help out an organization that I love! My mom is actually writing this on my behalf, because I am mostly nonverbal. However, she knows how I feel about Easterseals and all of my friends there. I have attended Easterseals for about four years now, and I have come to really love it. Every weekday, I get to spend time with friends there. I enjoy having fun with them, and learning from them. They also enjoy learning from me. As my mom has witnessed in my classroom and on my bus; my teachers, bus drivers, aides, and my classmates and I, genuinely care about each other. It is a safe place for me to continue to grow independently. In my own words, this is how I typically describe my day at Easterseals: 
"Friends!"      "Dance!"


Why do I need your help?

As my mom says..."it takes a village..." Easterseals is such a special part of that village. Please help them to continue all that they do for everyone! Thank you!!!

What is the Easterseals / CAI Volleyball Challenge?

For over 30 years, the Volleyball Challenge has raised critically-needed funds to help Easterseals provide exceptional services to children and adults with disabilities so they can achieve their greatest level of independence.

The 2018 Easterseals/CAI Volleyball Challenge takes places on Friday, March 2; Saturday, March 3; and Sunday, March 4 at the William Penn High School, 713 E. Basin Rd., New Casle, DE  19720.

To join in the fun, team captains invite 6-10 individuals to become part of their team to play in a 90-minute rotation on one of the three days of the challenge.

Each team is encouraged to raise a minimum of $1,500. For a team of 10 people, that's a commitment from each team member to raise just $150!

By participating in this event, everyone can help change lives. Here are just some examples:

$150 helps provide physical therapy for a child with developmental delays.

$1,500 helps send a child or adult with disabilities to Easterseals' Camp Fairlee Manor, where they can experience the joys and challenges of a fully-accessible summer camp.

The Volleyball Challenge offers teams a chance to have fun, exercise, win great prizes and meet some terrific new people!

To learn more about how Easterseals Delaware and Maryland’s Eastern Shore positively affects our local community, please visit




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