Easterseals Vermont, Month of Giving

Fundraising Goal: $10,000.00

Total Number of Gifts: 3
Total Value of Gifts: $115.00

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This April, Easterseals Vermont has been challenged to educate our fellow Vermonters about all that we do, and raise $50,000 in the process. When we ask folks what they know about Easterseals Vermont, they say "You are the ones that help children with Autism" or "Yeah, I've seen the red lily at Friendly's" The fact of the matter is, Easterseals Vermont is so much more than that. We have a localized focus here in Vermont, and go far beyond what you may think we do.

Easterseals Vermont is a non-profit organization that empowers and assists parents and children to improve their lives. At the heart of all we do is our belief that families can, with sufficient assistance, address their problems and be safe and healthy within their communities. Easterseals VT has earned a reputation for being the lead agency in the state in promoting family-centered practices for social services. Our staff and volunteers have a long-standing commitment to serve those for whom no other resources exist. Easterseals offers a variety of services throughout Vermont, including services through our Military and Veterans Services Program.

Veterans Count is the philanthropic arm of Easterseals Military and Veterans Services, which provides resources and services to veterans, service members and their families. Easterseals Military and Veterans Services, in conjunction with Veterans Count, developed a one-of-a-kind program which has a proven track record of helping service members and their families with a wide range of family, personal and financial needs.

To sum it up, at Easterseals Vermont, we do whatever it takes. Our Customers' needs come first in all that we do, every day. We offer hand ups, not hand outs. We find ways to get families, children and Veterans back on track.

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To learn more about all the services that Easterseals Vermont offers visit: http://www.easterseals.com/vt/

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