How do I Pay for Job Training and Employment Services?

Most of the services available through Easter Seals job training and employment programs are paid for through a variety of state and federal programs. If you are eligible, Vocational Rehabilitation can supply the funding to support you in reaching your goals. If you are a person with a disability, you should contact your state office of Vocational Rehabilitation to determine your eligibility. Your local Easter Seals can help you get in contact with the Vocational Rehabilitation office for your state.

Funding may also be available through the Social Security Administration if you receive SSI and/or SSDI benefits. A recent program offering from this office, Ticket to Work, may provide you with the necessary funding. Other potential funders of services include the One Stop/Workforce Development system. If you are a veteran, your services might be funded by the Veterans Administration. Additionally, there are a variety of "waiver" programs available in many states. Waiver programs are offered for specific disabilities and may be available to assist in funding your services.

Contact Easter Seals for more information.