Easter Seals Style Guide

Thank you for your interest in Easter Seals. We've provided this online style guide to help you present our name and image consistently and according to our policies and trademark. Should you have any questions about the use of our name or imagery, or if you'd like to request a logo file, please contact Easter Seals Marketing and Corporate Relations.

Easter Seals Name Use

  • The name of our organization is always Easter Seals, never Easter Seal.
  • Easter Seals headquarters is Easter Seals, Inc., formerly the National Easter Seal Society.
  • Easter Seals always comes first when identifying local Easter Seals organizations. Thre is no punctuation or preposition separating Easter Seals from its geographic identifier or center description (Easter Seals Arkansas, Easter Seals Volusia and Flagler Counties, Fla., etc.).

Easter Seals Imagery

Easter Seals "lily" logo is the trademarked symbol of Easter Seals:

  • It must always appear with its registered trademark
  • The lily maintains its float inside a square seal; the dimensions must remain consistent
  • It always appears in its outlined format
  • It never appears in solid black

Easter Seals imagery appears in:

  • Red (Pantone 186 for uncoated paper, Pantone 187 for coated or enamel paper, or #CC3333 in HTML.
  • Gray (5U or warm gray, or a 40 percent screen of black)
  • Silver (877U)
  • Gold (871C)

Easter Seals' tagline must appear in a readable, coherent manner with the logo:

  • Creating solutions, changing lives.