Easter Seals Adult and Senior Services

Woman smilingFor decades, Easter Seals' Adult Day Services have put hope within reach for thousands of adults. Easter Seals provides a variety of home and community-based services affording adults and seniors opportunities to live, learn, work and play as a vital part of their own community or neighborhood. These programs put hope within reach for adults with a developmental disability, persons with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia, as well as an individual with Multiple Sclerosis, or those who have had a stroke. In addition, these valuable programs offer respite, support, and education for family members and other caregivers.

Older Adult Services
Easter Seals programs such as adult day services, in-home support and services, community mobility options, wellness programs and support for family caregivers help people live as independently as possible for as long as possible. The Easter Seals family of services is ever expanding to meet the needs and help promote wellness, independence and connectivity among the growing number of older Americans.

Younger Adult Services
Whether through birth conditions, accidents or chronic illness, many young adults and their families benefit from our services. Easter Seals adult day time care services provide appropriate support to younger adults with disabilities, and a chance to live satisfying lives in their communities.

In-Home Services
The primary goal of Easter Seals’ in home services is to assist you and/or your loved one as they strive to stay in the community and living arrangement of their choice. The services provided represent a partnership to create a safe, secure environment providing them with the supports needed to experience a variety of opportunities to foster independence.

Caregiver Services
Are you handling your aging mother's bills? Do you take your grandfather to the grocery store once a week? Do you take time off work to drive your aunt to her doctor appointments? If so, you are a caregiver ... and there are many services and supports available to you and the person for whom you are caring.

Employer Services
As many employers have realized, a significant number of middle-aged and older adults continue to spend most of their waking hours in the workplace. Research conducted by the Miller Center, a  not-for-profit community service of the Winter Park Health , brought awareness to the urgent need to educate employers and employees about aging and caregiving issues.

To find out what services are available for adults, seniors, and their caregivers in your area, contact Easter Seals.