See the Results of Your Support

More than 90 percent of Easter Seals' revenue supports services in the area where funds are raised. During 1999 and 2000, Easter Seals programs served 1,091,877 children and adults. Almost 608,800 people participated in Easter Seals public health education activities.

In addition, 9,489 physicians, therapists and other health professionals were involved in professional education programs designed to improve services for people with disabilities.

Easter Seals 2000 total public support and revenue of $602,746,000 funds programs and services through 550 locations nationwide, including:

  • 111 adult and senior service programs across the country with adult day services, assisted and supported living programs and in-home care designed to address the growing needs of adults with disabilities, older adults and their families.
  • 127 Easter Seals camping and recreation programs nationwide, including day camps, recreation programs and residential camping for children and adults with disabilities.
  • 129 job training and employment programs providing evaluation and assessment, work adjustment/employee development, job placement, employment planning, occupational skills training, school-to-work transitions and assistive technologies for community-based and supportive employment.
  • 210 Easter Seals medical rehabilitation programs for children and adults, offering physical occupational therapy services, speech-language and audiology, outpatient medical rehabilitation, social work, nursing, rehabilitation engineering, recreational therapy and support services.
  • 228 Easter Seals early education and care programs across the country providing developmental monitoring, early child development services, developmental preschool programs and elementary and secondary education services. This includes 45 Easter Seals Child Development Center Network members offering inclusive child care for children ages 6 months to 5 years.