Goodwill Services

Easter Seals-Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain, Inc. currently operates Goodwill stores in Montana, southern Idaho and Utah.  The stores provide vocational training sites for individuals with developmental, physical or emotional disabilities, as well as people who are unemployed due to educational or vocational disadvantages.  Participants develop and improve their work skills and gain work experience.  Proceeds from the stores are used to pay the wages of these workers and to support additional Easter Seals-Goodwill programs and services.

 Montana Idaho  Utah 
 Billings Goodwill Store Boise Goodwill Store Millcreek Goodwill Store
 Bozeman Goodwill Store North Boise Goodwill Store  Murray Goodwill Store
 Butte Goodwill Store Boise Donation Express  
 Great Falls Goodwill Store Meridian Goodwill Store  
 Helena Goodwill Store Nampa Goodwill Store  
 Kalispell Goodwill Store Pocatello Goodwill Store  
 Missoula Goodwill Store    

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