The goal of the Supported Employment Model is to place participants admitted for this service into competitive job sites where they work a minimum of 10 hours per week at no less than minimum wage.  This model represents an effort to integrate the participant into the mainstream of community work life where the participant works, associates, and participates with non-handicapped peers.  This model adopts the care and treatment definitions of Public Law 100-146 for independence, productivity and integration.  A staffing ratio of 1:4 program participants is our standard.

At work selling shoes

                                                                                           At work in a restaurant.

 Working with animals                                                                                      


A variety of supported employment options are available for those individuals who desire such.  Current work situations include local businesses such as Taco Bell, Mac Donald's, Sonic, Super Save, Wendy’s, Wal-Mart, and other similar situations.  Should a need develop for a new work situation, SMEM staff assist the participant in locating, applying for, interviewing, and acquiring a new job.  One-on-one job coaching is provided depending on individual need and faded as appropriate.  Most current work situations are facilitated by staff as the participants are capable of working quite independently at this time.  Interactions with others in the community promote friendships and individual growth.