Alcalde Greenhouse

SMEM operates 4 commercial greenhouses in the Alcalde area. Our program consumers work to ensure the plants are high quality and competitive. Sales occur at the main greenhouse located on US 68 in Los Luceros, New Mexico. For more information call 505-852-4243 or 505-852-4753.

Bedding Plants

Easter Lilly

Poinsettia ready for sale

Lavender Roses

Azalias in Bloom

cherry tomatoes

Tami working the dirt...

At ESELM, we have several distinct growing seasons; Easter, bedding plant, poinsettia and Valentines Day are a few. We also have special sales for Mother's Day and in the autumn. Each is uniquely tied to specific plants typical of the season. From herbs, vegetables and flowers during spring bedding plant season, to azaleas grown for Valentines Day, we are committed to quality. Our plants refelect industry standards of quality and our greenhouses adhere to the same operational requirements as our corporate competitors. The unique difference at ESELM is that our program participating consumers grow the plants.

Bedding Plants