Youth Transition Services

Easter Seals works with high school students with disabilities as they prepare to
make the transition to adulthood and gives their families and educators the tools
they need to assist the student to achieve their vision.

As students think about what they want to do with the rest of their life, Easter Seals is a
valuable resource for them and for their families when important questions arise.

What will I do after high school?

Can assistive technology
make my transition easier?

Can I live in a place of my own?

Will I work?  Go to college?

What will I do for fun?

Do I want to become involved
with my community?

What should I be doing my last years
of high school to achieve my goals?

Teen Leader Jesse Ascioti taking a break.

Educators can use Easter Seals resources to address the transitioning student's vision
for adult living, post-secondary and/or working environments:

student in high school

Will the student benefit from a Vocational Evaluation?

What skills/resources will the student need?

Is new technology available?

What employment opportunities are available?

What types of community and/or living experiences will help the student reach his/her vision?


A Transition Support Group is now being offered in New Bedford. 

Come together with others who are assisting youth to navigate the 14-26 year old transition years. Learn about resources in the community, share experiences, questions, and concerns. Benefit from the experience and expertise of Easter Seals MA youth disability specialists.

WHO: Anyone providing support to a transition aged youth with a disability, i.e. parents, professionals, community members

WHEN: Monthly, the fourth Thursday of the month,  from 6-7pm

WHERE: 256 Union Street, New Bedford, 02740                                                                    

For more information or to RSVP: Lisa Sirois, LICSW, Ed D

Director of Youth Leadership and Transition Services , (508) 751-6390


Easter Seals has services for youth with disabilities as they transition to adulthood;
and their families and educators as they support the transitioning youth.

For more information, please contact Easter Seals at:


TTY  800-564-9700