Easter Seals Massachusetts Legacy Society
The Gift of a Lifetime

What You Can Give:

  • Cash
  • Stock (publicly traded or closely held business)
  • Retirement plan assets
  • Real estate (houses, land, etc.)
  • Other tangible assets (jewelry, art, cars, boats, etc.)
  • Life insurance

How You Can Give:

  • Cash
  • Retirement plan
  • Outright gift of stock (public or closely held)
  • Real estate or other tangible assets to use or sell now
  • Charitable lead trust
  • Life income arrangement (Charitable Remainder Trust)
  • Giving Later
  • Bequest (percentage)
  • Bequest (fixed amount)
  • Bequest (tangible assets)
  • Remainder IRAs
  • Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions about Planned Giving

How does a planned gift differ from an annual gift?
A planned gift should be in addition to your annual gift. A planned gift is often deferred. The donor is able to designate how the money will be used in the future. Some planned gifts are immediate and are part of an estate plan to benefit both Easter Seals and the donor.

How can I ensure that my annual gift keeps on giving?
Easter Seals counts on your regular contribution to its Annual Fund Campaign to fulfill ongoing commitments to Easter Seals clients. You can ensure that your annual gift continues to help people with disabilities expand their independence by endowing it now through a planned gift.

Is an outright gift better than a deferred gift?
An outright gift is preferable, because Easter Seals has use of the gift sooner. However, there are also circumstances when a deferred gift can have much greater impact than an outright gift. Frequently, a combination of outright and deferred giving is the ideal solution.

What is the best method of giving for me?
Your decision about which deferred gift vehicle to use is personal. You should consult a financial advisor, tax attorney or accounting professional. Such factors as your age, life expectancy, assets, heirs and income are all considerations. Easter Seals is ready to work with you and your representative in whatever way will help. Naturally, your confidentiality is respected completely and there is never any cost to you for Easter Seals’ help in your planning.

Do I need a lot of money to make a gift to the Easter Seals endowment?
No, there are many ways to give, meet your needs and help meet the needs of Easter Seals. Your attorney, accountant or financial advisor can provide additional advice on the charitable option best for you.

What is the first step?
E-mail:  We can assist you and will be happy to help in developing a charitable planned giving program tailored to your specifications.

Please consult your own financial advisor in all matters related to charitable giving.