Giving Back

Lisa and John Cleary know exactly why they support Easter Seals

Ten years ago when a friend asked them to help raise money for Easter Seals, John and Lisa Cleary had no idea they were beginning a commitment that would become increasingly important to them.

They knew that Easter Seals helped people with disabilities expand their independence and that the money they contributed would go directly to Easter Seals services.  But when they began meeting people who received those services, John and Lisa's commitment began to grow even stronger.

The Clearys eventually joined the Circle of Friends, which includes supporters who donate $1,000 or more annually to the Easter Seals annual campaign.  Lisa's next step was to run the Boston Marathon to raise money for Easter Seals.  And then John joined the Easter Seals Massachusetts Board of Directors.

John and Lisa feel they have been very lucky. They have five active, healthy children and their family and business lives are very satisfying.

“We need to help because we’ve been so lucky,” Lisa said.

John and Lisa want to teach their children the values of giving and the responsibilities that go with being fortunate. “It’s a moral responsibility to stay active in the community and do as much good as we can,” John said. “We’ve been blessed familywise and financially. We try to balance family and work and helping where we can.” 

“We want our kids to understand it’s important to say thank you. A way to do that is to stay true to the values you believe in and to give back,” Lisa believes.

Please contact if you would like to give back, too.