Kids learn about disabilities & hop to fund therapy.Hop dolls

2013-2014 HOP-N-ING is sponsored by St. Mary's Hospital for Women and Children, Deaconess Riley Children's Services and Cold Stone Creamery and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

Teachers! Schedule your HOP-N-ING disability awareness program NOW!

Children learn to be a friend to people with disabilities—AND help to fund therapy for local children and adults with disabilities—with the Easter Seals HOP-N-ING! Teaching materials, role-playing dolls,and other activities help young children develop an understanding about disabilities. "The dolls were a more concrete way of sharing information." -Tammy Zimmer, Mt. Pleasant Child Development Center.

Teachers can use the curriculum any week during the school year, and schedule an Easter Seals representative for a multi-class assembly. Plus, school groups are encouraged to tour the Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center to see how people with disabilities learn to live, work and play independently. "I like when an Easter Seals representative can come and do the [assembly]. The kids listen better and get more from her than they would from me." - Beth Woodruff, Corpus Christi Preschool

It’s fun, easy and FREE!

Each child obtains HOP-N-ING pledges from friends and relatives. Pledges can be flat donations or based on the number of times the student can hop in a 3-minute period. After the HOP-N-ING, money is collected and returned in pledge envelopes, which teachers submit to Easter Seals within two weeks.  Students and teachers can earn certificates, t-shirts, and other fun prizes! "As the P.E. instructor, this was something we were able to do very easily in gym class." - Ben Hester, Daniel Wertz Elementary

Easter Seals HOP-N-ING curriculum
helps kids learn to help others!

Easter Seals supplies all materials, PLUS teachers receive discount fliers from The Teacher’s Aid AND top fundraising schools have an opportunity to appear on the Easter Seals Telethon! Best of all, the funds raised stay right here in the tri-state, helping thousands of people served by the Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center. "The students [were] excited about helping others." - Kristie Grider, Oak Hill School

For details or to schedule the HOP-N-ING,
contact Jamie Bandy, 812-492-0667
Jen Bontrager, 812-437-2607

Thank you to the 2013-2014 Hop-N-Ing sponsors:


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St. Mary's hospital for women and children         Cold Stone Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory


Also thank you to Atlas World Group and Old Fashioned Candy Company for their contributions to Hop-N-Ing!