Partners & Friends

Commitment to Easter Seals Hawai`i
Look closely at what makes Easter Seals unique from other health and human services providers, and it becomes clear: Easter Seals' greatest strength comes from the people who are Easter Seals. Relationships between therapists and clients, between teachers and preschoolers, between staff and parents, and between volunteers and staff. Helping children and adults with disabilities gain greater independence involves whole individuals, whole families and support systems.

Through Easter Seals Hawai’i (ESH) Partners and Friends, supporters of ESH can make an impact on all aspects of the Easter Seals Hawai’i experience. When you participate in any of these programs, you can take pride in knowing that you are promoting the mission and values of ESH, and playing a vital role in enriching the lives of program participants.

Major Gifts
As we continue to expand the scope of programs and services we offer, major gift donors make a significant impact on the organization and the lives’ of our participants.

Major Gifts to Easter Seals are any gifts above $25,000 given in one fiscal year or $125,000 or more given over time (usually 3-5 years). Gifts are usually special project focused i.e. starting up a new program or service, purchasing specific equipment for a program, renovation of an existing site, or a capital campaign.

Major Gift Guidelines

Gifts of $25,000 or more made by an individual given in one fiscal year or $125,000 given over time qualify as Major Gifts and can be donated in the following ways:

    • Restricted gifts of $100,000 or more (not a cumulative total of annual giving).
    • Multi-year commitments are recognized at the total pledge amount in the year the pledge is made and then at the gift amount level in each subsequent year of payment.
    • Gifts of tangible personal property, real property will be valued for donor recognition and credit at their appraised fair market value on the effective date of transfer.
    • Gifts of securities, stock, bonds (including mutual funds) will be recognized at their fair market value as calculated by a qualified independent appraiser. Gift credit is given only upon liquidation of the stock.
    • Irrevocable life income gifts: Credit will be given for all irrevocable life income or term gifts (e.g., charitable remainder trusts or gift annuities) made directly to Easter Seals, or documented irrevocable charitable remainder or term trusts managed by a third party. Donor recognition for charitable remainder trusts will be at full face value and gift credit for the present value of the remainder interest, generally equivalent to the amount recognized by the IRS for the charitable deduction.
    • Charitable lead trusts: All income realized by Easter Seals from charitable lead trusts with duration of 5 years or less will be credited at full face value and donor recognition will be at full face value. Lead trusts extending beyond a five-year period, income will be credited to the donor at the present value.
    • Life insurance policies: Gifts of existing life insurance policies will receive recognition at the full face value and gift credit at the cash surrender value provided by Easter Seals

Major Gift Levels

About Edgar Allen -- Tragedy Leads to Inspiration
In 1907, businessman Edgar Allen lost his son in a streetcar accident. The lack of adequate medical services available to save his son prompted Allen to sell his business and begin a fundraising campaign to build a hospital in his hometown of Elyria, Ohio. Through this new hospital, Allen was surprised to learn that children with disabilities were often hidden from public view. Inspired by the discovery and with the help of his fellow Rotarians Allen founded what became known as the National Society of Crippled Children in 1919, the first organization of its kind. This same organization is known today as Easter Seals, and has grown to a nationwide network of more than 90 affiliates throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

Chairman’s Roundtable: Gifts of $1,000,000 and more
Leadership Circle: Gifts of $500,000 to $999,999
Edgar Allen Founders Society: Gifts of $100,000 to $499,999
In addition to member benefits listed under President’s Circle (click here), philanthropists are honored through a resolution read and accepted by the National Board of Directors at each national board meeting. We will then personally present you with the framed resolution.

Corporate and Foundation members will be recognized as “Edgar Allen Corporation Society”, “Corporate Leadership Circle” and “Chairman’s Corporate Roundtable Members,” respectively.

Presidents Council
Easter Seals premiere recognition club, was created to honor the generous individuals who provide an annual gift of $1,000 or more to help Easter Seals continue and expand services to help children and adults attain their full potential of living independent lives.

Any individual who provides an annual gift or gifts totaling $1,000 or more in a 12-month period is recognized in the Presidents Council. Some members make quarterly or monthly installments; others give a one-time gift each year.

The gift may include: cash, publicly traded securities, event participation of $1,000 or more (less fair market value), contributions made through private family foundations or corporate foundations, contributions made by individuals through their own privately held business, matching gifts, in-kind gifts from an individual or corporation that are budget relieving and in support of the core mission.

Annual corporate donors and private foundation gifts shall be recognized as Corporate or Foundation members of the Corporate/Foundation Presidents Council.

Member Benefits
As a member of the Presidents Council, we keep you informed as to how your charitable gift is making an impact in the lives of the children and adults we serve.

Annual Giving Report - your name will be included in our annual giving report (unless requested to remain anonymous).

Program updates and highlights you will periodically receive updates highlighting our achievements and plans created by the children, adults and families that are impacted by your support.

Private Events periodically during the year we will host special events exclusively for our Presidents Council members.

Membership Levels
Friends contributing at the Presidents Council level are making a vital difference -- you can become a member of the Presidents Council on several different levels:

An Independence Level Gift of $25,000

An Empowerment Level Gift of $10,000
An Opportunity Level Gift of $5,000
A Dignity Level Gift of $2,500
An Ability Level Gift of $1,000

Easter Lily Society donations support programs such as early intervention, physical therapy, assistive technology, swimming, camping, ropes program, and more. Any individual who provides an annual gift or gifts totaling $500 - $999 is recognized in the Easter Lily Society

Century Club
recognizes individuals who give annual gifts of $100 or more. For You can make a vast difference in Easter Seals services and the lives of people with disabilities. Any individual who provides an annual gift or gifts totaling $100 or more in a 12-month period is recognized in the Century Club. You may make quarterly payments or monthly installments for as little as $9/month; others give a one-time gift each year. For your convenience, you can set up an automated donation via on-line giving. Click here.

Century Club gifts will go directly towards programs such as early intervention, physical therapy, assistive technology, swimming, camping, ropes program, and more.

Friendship Circle recognizes the impact that individuals have when they unite together in support of a mission. The Friendship Circle recognizes those individuals who provide an annual gift $1 - $99.

Easter Seals Legacy Society
The Easter Seals Legacy Society was established to recognize and thank friends who have designated a future gift to ESH in their estate plans. Through such gifts, members of the Easter Seals Legacy Society help perpetuate the mission of ESH in the community.

Planned gifts, whether large or small, demonstrate belief in the mission of ESH. All known donors of planned gifts are included as members of the Easter Seals Legacy Society. This includes donors of the following types of gifts:

  • Bequests
  • Charitable remainder trusts
  • Charitable lead trusts
  • Life insurance
  • Charitable gift annuities

Legacy of Ability: Gifts of $1,000 to $4,999
Legacy of Opportunity: Gifts of $5,000 to $9,999
Legacy of Empowerment: Gifts of $10,000 to $24,999
Legacy of Independence: Gifts of $25,000 and more

Gifts of $100,000 and more will be recognized at the appropriate Chairman’s Roundtable, Leadership Circle and Edgar Allen Founders Society levels, listed within the Easter Seals Legacy Society.

When you make a planned gift or decide to remember Easter Seals Hawai’i in your will, please contact ESH’s Development Department  at (808) 536-1015 so that we may formally recognize you in the Easter Seals Legacy Society.

If you would like information about making a deferred or planned gift to ESH, please click here.

Annual VIP Campaign
is a four-month campaignled by business leader and volunteers in the community and is designed to raise money for Easter Seals Hawai’i programs and services as well as increase public awareness of the organization. Please contact our Development Department at (808) 536-1015 if you are interested in participating.

Corporate Sponsors - Without the constant support and generous participation of our corporate partners, we would be unable to provide people with special needs the enriching programs that increase their quality of life. If your company is interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, please contact our Development Department at (808) 536-1015 for more information on ways that you organization can participate. In-kind donations or community service teams are also welcome.