Easter Seals SafetyNet Medical Alert
A Personal Emergency Response Service

Easter Seals SafetyNet Medical Alert provides 24 hour monitoring for anyone who might be at risk if left alone, or who needs quick assistance.

How does it work?

safetynet image.jpgWe simply install a two-way speaker base to a phone line in the home. In addition, your loved one has a choice of using a waterproof activator as a pendant or a wristband.  Upon installation, we also obtain general medical information and responder information.  A responder is someone who can get to the subscriber in minutes.  If your loved one has an emergency, they just press their activator, and a signal is sent to the call center.  Within seconds, the call center is on the telephone speaker to help.  If the subscriber is able to answer, we respond appropriately based on their need.  If he or she does not answer, we contact the first listed responder to visit the home.  If the subscriber does not answer when we respond and none of their responders are available, we contact emergency services to go to their home and check on them.

What is involved in the installation of SafetyNet Medical Alert?

PERS Console and PendantOur thorough installation process consists of installing the unit, testing the unit to be sure it is connected and in working order, programming the unit if necessary, and educating the subscriber and any interested family member/s on how to use the features.

How do I obtain more information?

Please contact us at 407-306-9766 in Central Florida, or toll free at 1-877-347-3257 for all other areas, to set up the service or to obtain more information.

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