SAGE Employment and Community Services

We help people with disabilities live productive lives in their communities.


At SAGE, we believe the possibilities are endless

  • We believe each person should be supported to realize lifelong dreams.
  • We believe positive, flexible, creative outlook is imperative.
  • We believe professional employees are essential.
  • We believe that to be professional means to see ourselves in others.
  • We believe a positive work environment creates well being for the people we support and our employees.
  • We encourage and nurture imagination.
  • We believe Choice and Opportunity are essential.
  • We believe opportunity and experience enables all of us to vision our dreams and make choices in our lives.
  • We believe continuous quality improvement is vital to our mission.
  • We believe that professional development and education are necessary to provide the highest quality of supports.
  • We believe we must continually re-dedicate ourselves to our philosophy.
  • We believe that each person's contribution has value.

Alternative Day Supports
Our goal is to enable each individual to discover and meet his or her potential for independence and inclusion in the community. Because traditional Community Day Programs may not meet an individual's unique desires and needs, SAGE utilizes the Person Centered Planning Process to design and implement customized programs. Our emphasis is on developing opportunities for community inclusion, increasing independent living skills and developing natural supports and friendships. We typically provide alternative programs Monday thru Friday during daytime hours. Hours and days of support are flexible to meet individual needs and are designed in collaboration with the individual, their family, the Division of Developmental Disabilities, school districts, Vocational Rehabilitation and other appropriate funding agencies.

Attendant Care
Individuals living independently in their own home or with their family/caregiver may need Attendant Care services to help meet essential personal/physical care needs as well as basic home management requirements.  SAGE offers flexibility in scheduling and staffing based on the changing needs, wants and desires of the individual served.

As a provider we establish good communication with the consumer/family, work to resolve any specific needs, follow the support plan and schedule, demonstrate professionalism, maintain confidentiality, maintain ongoing communication with the Support Coordinator, complete all required paperwork/reports and adhere to the training procedures mandated by the Division.

Campo del Oeste
The Campo de Oeste program is a mentor-based, experiential environmental education program for youth ages 10-14, which takes place on a 5-acre urban ranch. Youth develop skills around sustainability, community responsibility and teamwork while participating in ranch and environmental activities. Participants also develop their own service learning projects that provide an environmental benefit for the community. The program utilizes a mentor-based structure to teach personal responsibility, increase self esteem and develop skills beneficial to making healthy life choices.   Typical projects include building accessible garden beds, setting up urban chicken coops, installing water harvesting systems within the community, as well as growing local, healthy food for low income residents. The program operates year-round during weekends and holidays and weekdays during the summer months. Please visit and click on the Campo de Oeste link to learn more.

Campo Urbano
ESBF's Campo Urbano program provides employment for adults with disabilities. By providing hands on experience in a variety of green vocations, participants develop vocational skills beneficial to increasing opportunities for successful community based employment. Ranch hands provide; arid landscaping services to the Tucson community produce and sell compost material, tend chickens and goats to produce additional income through sales of handmade goat milk soap and fresh chicken eggs, assist low income residents with home weatherization and water harvesting installations. Please visit to learn more.

Community Day Programs
At SAGE, we accommodate individual needs and offer support with personal care needs at our program sites. On-site activities offer a strong emphasis on teaching independent living skills and on implementing therapy recommendations. We also offer computer training on-site. A person-centered approach is used to plan community activities, including volunteer and paid employment opportunities and social and leisure activities that foster community involvement. SAGE maintains a membership at the YMCA, employs a lifeguard and supports a strong swimming program.  SAGE Adult Day Treatment Programs operate Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Individually Designed Living Arrangements
We provide support so individuals can live independently in their own homes. Our services address the individual desires, goals, strengths, abilities, needs, health, safety and life span issues of each client. They deal with all aspects of their lives, including personal living skills, personal care, transportation, health, community involvement, friendships and family. Support schedules are based on individual need and are flexible to accommodate changing needs, preferences and desires. Clients are involved in the hiring process of their support staff.

Main Street Cafe (Safford)
Located in historic downtown Safford, the Main Street Cafe serves a variety of fresh, healthy, local food and beverages, while providing employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. The cafe was opened to address the lack of employment opportunities within the Safford area and has quickly grown to be a local landmark. The cafe also offres free wifi, an outdoor patio, catering and banquet facilities. Please visit to view the menu or to learn more about the program.

Caregivers who participate in the care of the person with developmental disabilities occasionally need a break. Respite services may include: providing non-medical health care, preparing or assisting in preparation of meals and in eating, providing opportunities for community integration and involvement, providing opportunities for leisure, play and other recreational activities, providing opportunities for the individual to make choices with regard to his/her daily activities.

Respite is available on an hourly or daily basis depending on the family's needs and the Division's authorization. There are several options regarding where respite may be provided including at the individual's home; at the respite care provider's home; or in a community setting of the family's choice. This decision is made in consultation with the family.

As a provider we establish good communication with the consumer/family, work to resolve any issues, follow the support plan and schedule, demonstrate professionalism, maintain confidentiality, maintain ongoing communication with the Support Coordinator, complete all required paperwork/reports and adhere to the training procedures mandated by the Division.

SAGE Ceramics (Tucson & Safford)
SAGE Ceramics is a small business that creates and sells high quality, handmade ceramic gifts.  Individuals employed within the business work along side job-coaches who provide on-the-job supoprts including vocational skill development and personal care. Employees have the opportunity to gain skills beneficial to working in the retail industry. To purchase SAGE Ceramic products or to learn more, please visit  

SAGE Organic Store (Safford)
SAGE organic Store offers the residents of Safford an option for purchasing fresh, local, organic food and products. The store offers employment opportunities for individuals interested in developing skills in the retail and natural food industry. 

Supported Employment
We believe that every person, regardless of his or her disability, should have the opportunity for meaningful employment in a career of their choice. Our goal is to create employment opportunities for adults with disabilities in integrated community settings. We also provide skill training and support at the jobsite. Our services include technical expertise in adaptive equipment and workplace modifications. Additionally we operate a wholesale and retail ceramic business where individuals requiring more intensive personal supports have the opportunity to work.

SAGE Employment & Community Services is a qualified vendor with the State of Arizona, Division of Developmental Disabilities, contracts with Rehabilitation Services Administration, Behavioral Health Providers , School Districts and is an Employment Network with Social Security for the "Ticket to Work" program. 

Supported Living
This program offers people individualized support so they can live independently in there homes. Our programs are based on the Person Centered Planning process and give people control of their own services and home.

SAGE supports people in all aspects of their life, including personal living skills, routine personal care, transportation, health, work/job experiences, community involvement, friendships and family. Since supports are based on the individual's needs, supports are flexible enough to be adjusted based on changing schedule as well as personal needs, preferences and desires. SAGE gives control to individuals to create a schedule that works for them.  Each individual participates in the hiring process to decide who will provide those supports.

Individuals supported by SAGE either rent or own their home. Our services are available on an hourly or 24-hours-a-day basis, depending on individual needs.

This service is provided to consumers whose transportation needs have been assessed by the Individual Service Plan team, when no other community or family resources for transportation are available, and with prior authorization from the Division. We provide non-emergency ground transportation in the following situations: to/from day treatment programs, to/from therapy appointments and to/from home visits. Typical utilization is limited to two one-way trips per day. We offer this service Monday thru Friday 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., however weekend transportation may be available. Every effort is made to accommodate same day requests, but advance planning is recommended to assure a ride.

SAGE's programs are located in Tucson, Safford, Vail, Nogales and all ponits in between, unless otherwise noted. . To learn more, contact SAGE Employment & Community services.