Stories of Hope

Stories of Hope

Each year, Easter Seals provides direct services to more than 1.3 million people, and impacts more than 54 million people affect by disabilities. Every individual that walks through the doors of an Easter Seals affiliate has a compelling story. Here are just a few stories of hope.

Watch Scottie's video! 

“We immediately began to see changes, within weeks of Scottie’s starting at Easter Seals. We heard new speech. We saw new behaviors, and he began to enjoy other people and make eye contact. It was amazing, and wonderful.” -- Barbara Gaither, Scottie’s mother

Watch Scottie's video to see how Easter Seals has helped him become the bright, curious and determined "can-do" kid he is today.


View more inspiring videos featuring some of the individuals and families Easter Seals has helped. These stories of hope will truly warm your heart!

David Owens, Easter Seals Adult Representative“It seemed hard to find a job when potential employers would find out I’m disabled or visually impaired.” -- David Owens, who now works as a tour guide at the Texas State Capitol thanks to assistance from Easter Seals' vocational services. Read David's story.

Bethany DeVault“Easter Seals gave me the foundation to get where I am today” -- Bethany DeVault

Almost a decade has passed since Bethany and Colin DeVault of Easton, Pa., and Palmer Harston of Lexington, Ky., served as Easter Seals Representatives -- in 1999 and 2000. A lot has changed since then, but Bethany, Colin and Palmer are still shining examples of how Easter Seals makes a difference in people’s lives. Read how these Easter Seals teens are growing up and going places.