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Accessible Home Virtual Tour

Accessible homes aren’t much different from the average homes lining a typical, American neighborhood street. In fact, many accessible homeowners find that certain defining features have a positive impact on their home’s overall value and resale price. 

Woman in a scooter entering an accessible homeThere are a number of great ideas and cost effective options for building an accessible home or adapting an existing home -- all the while maintaining (and often enhancing) a home’s unique style, design, character and functionality. Today’s accessible homes incorporate gradually elevated front pathways, secret elevators disguised as regular closets, open floor plans and common areas, modern bathrooms with easy-to-access showers and baths, efficient kitchens and home offices.

We invite you to view a photo album highlighting key accessible/adaptable features of such a home in Raleigh, N.C. It’s a beautiful, new and fully-accessible home that combines creative design elements with simple, personalized adaptations that make a real difference for one family living with disabilities.

Step inside -- you’ll be amazed, and likely, a little inspired!

Central Living Room

As you view the virtual tour, take note of the many features making this home accessible to people with disabilities -- and retaining its design and beauty!

  • Open areas, wide doorways and pathways easily accommodate a wheelchair
  • Lever-style handles on all doors allow for easy manipulation
  • Flat, even floor surfaces throughout, often hardwood or tile, including all entrances to the home
  • Light switches are lowered for wheelchair position height and positioned on the first wall of each room
  • Height of cabinets, countertops and shelving are lowered throughout and accommodate legroom when necessary
  • Appliances are positioned for easy access
  • Elevator disguised as a closet provides wheelchair access to the second floor, utilizing vertical space when expansion horizontally onto another lot is not an option

Front Exterior

  • Front driveway gradually inclines for wheelchair access to/from the street and sidewalk
  • Sidewalk and gradually inclined pathway winds to the front door for wheelchair access
  • Front entrance features a flat, even surface that slopes into the home with no steps to hinder mobility in a wheelchair
  • French style doors open into the home and provide a wide entrance for wheelchairs
  • Lever-style handles on the door allow for easy manipulation

Rear Exterior

  • Backyard space spotted with multi-level surfaces connected by gradually inclining pathways for unlimited wheelchair access
  • Landscaping includes pathways and ramps at all points, making use of the natural hill for access and beauty
  • Many flat gravel pathways and closely trimmed grass provide full access to the driveway, yard, home and children's playhouse
  • Patio provides flat, even surface and access to the grass or home
  • Gardening/landscaping is easily accessible at all points -- even the garden hose