Veterans Transportation Guide

Easter Seals Dixon Center knows that lack of transportation to follow-up medical services is a major barrier to improved and/or sustained good health for our veterans and their families.  Please download the Veterans Transportation Guide to see what may be available for you.

Caregiver Webinar Big Success

Our nation’s military caregivers need and deserve robust, effective support in light of the mental, physical, and financial challenges they face in caring for warriors suffering from physical injuries, invisible wounds of war, or both.

Over the last few months of 2014, Easter Seals Dixon Center, along with the Elizabeth Dole Foundation, USO, Rosalyn Carter Institute for Caregiving, Caregiver Action Network, National Alliance for Caregiving, Family Caregiver Alliance, and Atlas Research, have launched the Military Caregiver webinar series. The first session was entitled, From Daunting to Doable: The Power of Caregiver Resilience.

Guest speakers included: Jane Meier Hamilton along with Dole Foundation Executive Director Carol Harlow, Dole Military Caregiver Fellow Cara Folkers, Atlas Research’s Deb McKay, and Easter Seals Dixon Center’s Jed Johnson. Our mission is to uplift American military caregivers by strengthening the services afforded to them through innovation, evidence-based research, and collaboration.

Handouts, recordings and a transcripts of these webinars have been posted to contact with any questions.

Easter Seals is also working with the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) to provide caregiver training via face-to-face classes throughout the country and U.S. Territories, a self-study workbook and web-based online training sessions. Trainings are available in English and Spanish and address topics such as Managing Stress and Taking Care of Yourself. Easter Seals is pleased to present this program in conjunction with our partners Atlas Research, a veteran-owned small business; Axiom Resource Management; and two of the country’s leading caregiving organizations, The National Alliance on Caregiving and the Family Caregiver Alliance. The National Alliance for Hispanic Health adapted the curriculum for Spanish speakers and is helping to address the unique needs of Hispanic veterans and their caregivers.

To apply for the Caregiver Support Program or learn more about the wide array of services and supports for Veteran Caregivers, call 855-260-3274. For more information about this program, you can also visit the VA Caregiver Support Web site at